This week in our pre-school room is a family week. We will be having lots of fun on our computer, practicing IT skills. We will be looking at change and time and how it all affects us.

Our Jungle room toddlers will be developing their fine motor skills this week. We will make sure that our toddlers have lot of small things to grab and handle. Our water play tray will have rice in it as well as water so kids can master the skill of picking up small grains of rice. We will be exploring different textures too. Mark making will be fun with straws and patterns we can create.

Babies this week will be having fun with lots of messy play, different textures and exploring different situations. We designed lots of fun games for babies to play that should help them to play with each other and start learning to share. Books won’t be missing either and one to one activities should be fun too.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK