We have all been there first days….. first day at school, first day at work first day back at work after holiday. Its always a little different each time is a different environment or situation to adapt to. Well yesterday it was my first day back from maternity leave, as much as I loved coming back I had several first myself yesterday. First day back after 6 month, first time setting the alarm for 6 in the morning, first time I had to get 2 children ready and out of the house in time along with may other first.

So this got me thinking about all the first that the children here experience at nursery during their time here. First time away from Mummy or Daddy must be the biggest one for them; as a practitioner we aim to get them settled as smoothly as possible some times it takes a few days other times it can be months. Its all about the child and being empathic towards their thoughts and feeling’s, it is their first time away from Mummy and Daddy, by allowing them the time to adjust leads to better learning. SO what do we do to support the child and the parents. As a parent bringing in my 6 month old I am adjusting as much as he is. He is a happy laid back child who adapts well to most situations; however he is still settling in as any other child would. He need extra cuddles and familiar objects to help him. He needs to know that his special person his Key Worker is near by and she is able to take the time to allow him to discover all the first in the nursery. To be honest Mummy is needing just as much support in this as he does. Key workers don't receive enough credit for what they do, its often though that they are just the people who do the paper work or change the nappies. Being a key worker is about building relationships bonds and trust with the children and i think that makes the pretty special.

What other first are at the nursery, first day back from half term can be a big one for some children. I know my oldest loved coming back after his time off, he needs to have his friends about and he loves having the different toys than the ones he has at home. Many children are similar and just come back and say see you later what am I going to explore today other children just want to stay at home and don't want that first day back after time off. As a nursery we treat this the same as settling into the setting they need to know that their special person their key worker is there for them. The best part of our job is seeing them have a cuddle and then run off because they are confident and happy and ready to play with their friends. We assure you this happens, it may look like they are very sad when you leave them but they are often up and about within 5 mins of you leaving, its just their little way of saying I love you, Ill miss you and no one is as important as you.

I really could talk all day about the different First we see at nursery but you can be sure that we guide them and support them through them helping them to be confident and happy learners during their time here at Happy Bunnies. I know this to be true having a very vocal 4 year old who tells me how happy he is to be back with his friends.



Excuse the picture just wanted to show you how happy they are at nursery  Smile

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