Child Care for Nurses, Including Self-care, Double-shifters, And Work Shifts With Unusual Schedules

Child care for nurses

The Way You Need It

Happy Bunnies Nursery is uniquely versatile for your time planning if your hours aren’t the same. You can switch sessions at any time, and we’ll adjust the schedule to fit your needs.

Let's Work to your Schedule

Check out other childcare centres and playgroups; you’ll find that most of them won’t budge on times or dates. Few early learning centres and daycares allow you to switch days that you would have otherwise missed. Specialized child care for nurses or other individuals who want to work fewer hours is hard to come by.

We at Happy Bunnies make every effort to collaborate with you. When there is a national holiday, for example, we would, of course, pay our employees – just as any other school does. However, if you’d like to switch sessions and we have space, we can do so at no extra charge at Happy Bunnies.

Our main aim in running our daycares and preschools is never to make money. Our parents’ requirements are adaptable. We are a family-owned company with close ties to both of our kin. As a result, we have benefits that you won’t find anywhere else and parents agree to it.

Our Approach To Scheduling Flexibility Benefits You In Three Ways:

Dealing with One-Offs

Whether you need to come in at odd hours to alter your schedule, or you want to make schedule changes to your sessions once, we work with you.

As little as a week’s notice as you please provide, we will move your children’s lessons around to meet your needs.

Working to Your Hours

With us, you can schedule legal holidays and more expansions, and you can expand the selection. We accommodate parents with any work shifts: child care for registered nurses, for example.

For half days and full days, it is possible to reserve your appointment.

Make it Work for You

By going with a flexible approach, you save money. It’s always better to have a relaxed and enjoyable end to a job than to end it before it is even begun.

In our efforts to provide our customers with good value for their money, we strive to make sure they get everything they are entitled to.

Exemplary Child Care For Nurses

Exemplary For Shift Workers

Ideal For Your Diverse And Fluid Work Schedule

At this point, it sounds reasonable, but how well will it actually suit your needs?
Here's what other parents have discovered:

What You Get When You Book A Visit Today

Nothing compares to the thrill of seeing it for yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Happy Bunnies early learning centre in person. You’ll get to know the staff and see how much the other kids like Happy Bunnies.

Director Lesley Dartnell will be there to answer all of your questions.  You can inquire about the flexible scheduling requirements, look for nurse child care, or have other questions or needs.

We also offers you the opportunity to plan the next move. We are adaptable and have free trial sessions so that you and your child can see if Happy Bunnies is the best fit for you.

You can also find us on Google to see what people are saying about us there.

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We Will Work Around Your Schedule

Child care for nurses and other health professionals may be challenging to come by. Still, we recognize that they are not the only ones who need flexibility. Finding a nursery that can fit shift staff can be difficult. Similarly, stay-at-home parents may require the school to adjust its hours to accommodate their schedule.

How Do I Swap Sessions at Happy Bunnies Nursery?

We do this as much as we can for you when we have the resources. The procedure is simple: you speak with Director Lesley Dartnell, and she reschedules your appointment.

For more details, please contact us.

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