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Monday 13-05-2013 Update!

Our Football sessions are extremely popular. In two weeks we have over 20 children that signed up for the sessions. Therefore, we have now extended our Thursday afternoon sessions with Wednesday morning sessions, starting this week. Please, don’t forget to tell us and return your permission slip if you would like your child to take part this Wednesday or Thursday. We now have started a waiting list for Monday morning sessions too. Please submit your preferences to us and if we haveenoughchildren interested, Neil promised to come in on other days too. 🙂

What a last two weeks we head. I knew bringing football to our pre-school will be a good thing. However, I would have never thought just how successful it all would be and how much children would enjoy it. If you think football is only for the boys, think twice. Some of the girls took the challenge to a whole new level and shamed some of the boys too with the way they took on the tasks at hand.

At present, we introduced football and fitness sessions on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 – 2:00pm. We have a real football coach that comes in weekly and brings all the equipment. Neil is absolutely amazing. Softly spoken even a bit funny at times. Kids respond to him and want to be just like him and learn.

We are very keen to roll the sessions out to other days as well, we thought maybe Wednesday mornings. Depending on interest – of course. If you are still thinking, don’t just return our slip and let your kids have some real fun kicking the ball! If your little ones don’t like it, you can always cancel. We do, however, need your permission. If you are like me and loose letters your children bring home, don’t worry just ask for a copy. We do understand…

If your children already attend and you are happy, please comment and let us know – we really want to hear what you think.

If you want to learn more about Neil and what he does, visit Chap on the photo on the home page is Neil. 🙂

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