Free flow


Well every one we are on day two of the free flow, it has been a BRILLIANT two days. First we need to thank all the parents who have show wonderful support for the nursery in these hard time. (you know with that Ofsted report and all) Second we need to thank the children they have just taken to it like a fish to water, finally thank the staff they have been FANTASTIC.

On a more interesting note the children have been really using the rooms well over the past few day, we have been playing with dinosaurs in various different ways, in sand, water, scented water and just on their own. the children have had lots of fun doing this. We have been making dens out of cardboard boxes and pretending they are lots of different thing. (some of the children got completely in them and shut the flaps it was funny when they jumped out and said Boo like a jack in the box.

Babies have a new supervisor Kelly Le Mar say hi to her when you see her, she’s really doing a great job they babies have been singing and using their song box to help with the songs.

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