This week in Jungle room we have loads happening, the children are really interested in small world and creating scenes. Last week we had a beach scene its a really good way to to get language out of the children as they love to talk about if they have been to the beach, what they saw and felt. So this week we are going to do a building site, they all love building they tall love tractors so we know that will be a good one for them to get engaged in. We have been trying to get more on our wall displays If you haven’t seen it it’s the big display at the back with lots of hanging items from the celling. We are also playing with water we have a train track in water and boats to. In babies we have been listening to the different noises that the animals make and during music time we have used musical instruments to make some lovely sounds. Lastly we are getting a little messy exploring different textures. This week in preschool we will be looking at sans talking about the film frozen. We will all be working together to turn our cosy den into a frozen castle so we will be very busy making lots of things to decorate. We are also going to be making snow men as part of the frozen week. We are going to use some ice and talk about how it feels and look at what happens to the ice when we play with it.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK