Any one and everyone, we are having a fun day in August. Even if your child has left for the summer or even for school, come along and have some fun with us.

We are going to be doing lots of fun things and we may even been getting the keyworkers wet (they have to agree first) but at least one or 2 of us will be doing it.

We are going to be doing a BBQ so sausages and burgers for people to buy and for those with a more sweet tooth cakes. All Proceeds from the BBQ and cake sale will be going to Ruby Young.

As a nursery we have done quiet a lot for Ruby and have had great support try not to do charity events to often events but to make this day as fun as possible we would like to ensure that we have a cause and I think that Ruby's Cause is a very worthwhile one.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK