I am such an excited Mummy, coming soon to our nursery is our annual fun day.

We have decided to branch out a little this time and invite special guest and interests.

So Mummy is super excited manager is thinking OMG I have so much to do. When I returned back from maternity leave in June I was approached by a Mummy about a book she was doing. I was very interested as it was all about recording pregnancy and first year which would be so nice to have. There has been a steady increase in the number of babies coming to the setting what a nice idea to have running along side.

So here we are we have a date 27/8/16 sounds ages away right;n however in real terms its just a few weeks away again OMG!

Mummy Manager needs to get herself in gear and get organising. So we are fund raising for Jenni and Pete again more details have a look on their go fund me page https://www.gofundme.com/eygs78ds

The idea is that we have lots of interesting things going on as per usual with a theme of cars for those interested. So we have book the fast and furious car, we are trying to get other cars here (can't tell you till we get them but the children will love it) and we are looking at having some service vehicles here like fire engine. We will confirm once we have the details.

Then for the expectant mothers we have a hypnobirthing practitioner here to talk to you about alternative birthing methods. https://www.facebook.com/barbara.sealhansen 

And of course the Mummy who is doing the book launch. (This is her event post)


Mummy: So can I come along?

Manager: Everyone is welcome to come along, we will have lots to do for all. we will be starting at 10 am and going on until 2pm

Mummy: What does it cost?

Manager: The event itself is free, you can do different things which may have a cost (not everything will cost) and there will be refreshment and food to purchase on the day.

Mummy: Where are you having it?

Manager: It will be at the nursery held within the grounds. Some things will be inside and other things outside.

Mummy: Can you give me an idea of things that might happen.

Manager: We are going to have our Daddy Bake off as that was a huge success last year (car themed this time Smile) and a Mummy car wash race. Bouncy castles, stalls, crafts and many more.

If you want to know any more just ask we are here.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK