Out toddlers in the Jungle room will be monitored closely in respect to their reactions to other children. We had couple of new starters that settled really well so thumbs up to them. We will have fun while carrying out responsibilities. We will allow toddlers to help with setting up our art and craft table. We will be moving children from playing alongside each other to playing with each other through turn taking games and ball games children love. We will be reading books to children that will help them understand that some actions can hurt others. We will be talking to you parents about ways to supporting some new settlers, how we can help them to feel comfortable and secure in our nursery.

Our pre-schoolers are creative this week. We will be doing a lot of imaginary play with props and puppets. We will be mixing colours to get shades we want or just have lots of fun by mixing random colours and discovering what happens. We have new instruments in the room so we will be singing lots of songs and play along with our rhythmic instruments.

Our babies will be developing physically this week. We will be playing with wet sand, emptying and filling up containers. We will be pulling and pushing toys around the room too. We will have fun water play too, children will have an opportunity to wash their toys and help us keep the room very clean and nice. Fund in the garden won’t be missing either, we will be helping children to walk up and down the stairs too.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK