Fun Times at Happy Bunnies

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This week in Jungle room we have lots of exciting things going on, first of all I am going to start of with the display that Portia has been working really hard on with the children. Its the Hungry Caterpillar, the junglers absolutely love the book we have some butterflies going up, we have a cocoon we have an actual caterpillar going up. As part of the book we have been tasting fruit which is a big part of the book and we have lots of pictures as well.
We have been looking at hygiene routines like washing ourselves and brushing our teeth, getting them dry and dressing them. We are also looking at interacting with other children generally and the way that we give children affection.
Hi I am Emma I am new to the baby room, I am really excited to work with you on a daily bases.
In baby room we will be encouraging them to join in with song box and copy the actions in rhymes, we will be having sand play to let the babies feel the sand through their fingers and toes. We will also be looking at animal picture cards to get the babies to do the sounds by copying the adult. We are looking to get the displays all finished this week in babies.
This week in preschool we are going to be making dens whilst out in the garden, this involves helping each other so we can make really big dens. We will be looking at mineral stone through a magnified glass to see the beautiful colours and the different shapes. We can then talk about how these kinds of stones are made.
We have a book of the month and this month is Handa’s surprise, this is all about a girl and her trip to the supermarket, we drew pictures about the fruits and the animals we remembered from the story.
Just a quick one we have noticed that the children really like the video camera they always watch when the staff have their videos done and we wondered of we can have permission to get them to record a video and put it on here.

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