Its starting to warm up again and as you all know we are very lucky to have a wonderful huge area for the children to have a run about and play outside. We have been working really hard to get this all up together all year but as the weather gets better we are really kicking it up a gear to get it ready as soon as we can.

The children really love the outside areas and we need a little help with ideas mostly, we need more shade for when it gets really hot outside. We would like to make a shed/ house for the children to play in and this will also give us a platform to extend  in to a larger space. We are looking for ideas on how we can get this to happen. Maybe you know someone who is getting rid of an old shed that has some life in it or even where one can be bought for a reasonable price.

The children have been muddy recently and we love that, the mud kitchen still remains the best part of the garden and we really do want to thank you for all your contributions to it as the children adore it.

As you all know we did the toddle yesterday this really makes us want to take them out in the garden a lot more as they really enjoyed all the different parts of being in the outdoors

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