Jungle have been colour mixing using the colour red. They have been making red collage out of red feathers and sensory play was red rice and they were mark making with red paint.
They have a new song board up in jungle where the children can choose a picture that represents a song which is then put on the board and the children can sing and sign it with their friends.
The board also has the days of the week on it and the weather which they have been talking about the importance of wearing sun tan lotion to stop their skin going red and getting sore and the importance of wearing a hat in the sun and drinking plenty.
Many of castles children will be going to school in September so they are going to the doctors to have their pre-school jabs so they have had the doctors in the role play area and have enjoyed acting out their pre-school checks. The stethoscope seems to be a particular favourite and the children can be found in the role play area taking turns to be doctor.
They have also been making flags of different countries with potato print as many of them are interested in the football at the moment and many of them are coming in in football shirts and that’s just the parents!
DSCF0246Baby room
Babies experimented this week with frozen foam which to everybodys amazement turned into icicle shapes when frozen this was combined with normal foam so that the babies could feel the difference in texture and watch the frozen foam melt.
They also had toy animals in wet sand which the babies found fascinating to touch although one of the babies touched it and brushed their hands off quickly.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK