Good afternoon all

Don't forget this afternoon is graduation for the School leavers. We are meeting at the bowl around 2 the children will be there approx. 215 to start at 230.

We will have face painting going on from 1:30 of you want to take your child a little early to get their face painted before hand. We will try and get everyone done in the time frame but please note there are 32 children leaving the setting this year.

When we arrive we are going to do the ceremony, so certificates and books will be given out with the Keyworker. Please remember we have to get everyone’s permission to take photos of the children and no social media.

Once all the certificates are given out we will have the teddy bear picnic. We have got snack and drinks for the children, if the grown ups would like anything please can they bring it along. Please remember that some children have allergies so please don't share the food out unless it is with the parents permission.

Once we are all eating and having a great time we will have a visit from someone special. Hint his favourite food id roasted Fox

We look forward to seeing you later.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK