Hi all,
This week, in Baby Room they will be learning about Halloween. They will be using their muscles to carve some pumpkins and they will also explore the texture of the inside of the pumpkin. They will also be following instructions to make some Halloween cakes and building their crafting skills to make some Halloween decorations.

In Jungle room, they will be using coloured rice to make patterns for Diwali. We will also be taking part in lots of halloween themed activities, including pumpkin and autumn exploration trays and pumpkin soup/pie making in home corner.

In Preschool, they will be talking about Diwali and the story behind it. They will be practising their fine motor skills by hammering some golf tees into a pumpkin and using their cutting skills to make some spooky spider webs.

Of course all children are invited to wear Halloween costumes next week. So, if you have one you’d like to show us, then we can’t wait to see it!

Bye for now!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK