This week in Jungle room we have had a lovely week, we have been doing all our Easter things as we have Easter coming up. We have been making cakes and baskets, Easter cards,hanging decorations and other cards. All the children helped to make a giant Easter egg as you can see behind me, we made lambs using cotton wool to also go on the wall. We have also been focusing on what the children are doing in their areas, we had some really interesting ideas this week using real life products that they see everyday to use in their role play like fruits and tins so they can get a sense of weights. Next week we are looking at the book corner as the children love to read and they have a few favourites. Next week in baby room we are making marks on the big paper using big strokes and large movements. We are going to be in the garden listening to the different noises. We are going to play on the slide using the steps and encouraging them to slide down. Another fun week in baby room.
In preschool we are sailing into the summer term, focusing on our key groups, looking at who our friends are and letting everyone know about it. As part of letting everyone know about being friends we making a large puzzle and showing how we all maybe different but we fit together as one. Two big activities to get us started. On an important note our Mummies and Daddies would have found out what school we are going to, so if you can find out we can start getting ready for school.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK