Activities for Monday, 6 March 2017

Castle room (Pre-Schoolers)

Preschoolers read a story called Naughty Surprise. The main aim for this story was to listen carefully, try to remember as much as we can and answer questions about the story afterwards.

Preschoolers were also counting bricks, sorting them according to their colours, size while using words like “tall”, “”small”, “more” or “less”.

For the Social and Emotional Development, we chatted about how we felt today, were we sad or happy. Who makes us feel happy and who is very special to us.

Singing wasn't missing either, we sang songs and we were also reciting rhymes through out the day.

We might have got a bit messy today, children were marble painting, they were exploring marks marbles make. This should have helped us to develop our eye and hand coordination and our fine motor skills.

While in the garden,

We Raced today in the garden, sometimes they needed to run fast, other times the winner had to be the slowest one. (that was fun to watch). The last race was with the ball. The last race was there to to improve on your children's eye and hand / foot coordination.

Jungle Room (Toddlers)

Our toddlers learnt new words today. Kerri had a surprise bag for the little ones and children were naming the items from it. This activity was done in smaller groups.

Other groups were matching shapes to outline. This activity helped their eye / hand coordination and also taught them how to recognise new shapes. We were learning new words like circle, triangle, square etc.

Toddlers had lots of fun moving to their favourite songs, we also had some action songs prepared for them. (among others – Grand old duke of York, If you are happy and you know it)

Toddlers were encouraged to share and take turns through out the day but especially during our turn taking games and while playing with cars and trains, building their favourite train trucks.

We also read several shorter stories today in smaller groups helping our little ones to concentrate.

We explored our garden today, watching birds, listen to sounds, lots of good talking took place with open ended questions.

Toddlers also spent some good time painting and mark making. They were exploring new colours, mixing them to see what colours we get when we mix them together.

Baby Room

Babies were playing with cars today, they were moving them up and down the ramp making brmm – brmm noises J

They also played with playdough, exploring mark making using playdaugh tools. This activity encouraged them to express themselves and also helped developing their fine motor skills.

There was a lot of singing going on today too and babies loved every minute of it. They were also encouraged to do a bit of dancing and to act out some movements like wind the bobbin up and heads shoulders knees and toes…

Nursery School Gillingham, UK