Autumn is well and truly here and with it come the beautiful colours and textures for us all to explore.

DSCF0330 thumbWe have been out collecting leaves for displays and there are conker monsters in jungle room, spider webs in castle and leaves to explore in baby room.
Babies have enjoyed looking at their faces in the mirrors this week . the tuft tray was put in the middle of the room and filled with baby mirrors and some of the babies immediately went to it and sat in it looking in the mirrors while others watched. Some of the babies were able to name some of their features.They also enjoyed mark making in a tray where they were mark making with chalk and started to make marks in the tray then sat on the marks so that they disappeared.
Jungle room have been re-enacting the owl babies story with owl toys which led to them going on the leaf hunt , making conker monsters and the start of their autumn display which consists of making trees with finger painting and potato leaf prints.
They also played with gloop and experimented with it by adding various other ingredients such as strawberry jelly which turned it pink, paint to change the colour and glitter to make it sparkly. So I apologise if all your children went home looking like sparkly fairies! But then it is nearly Christmas so only to be expected.
They have been enjoying physical activities with the parachute and the balls and extending their memory with our jungle memory bingo game and shape cards.
7073639863 f51521d922Castle have been continuing the theme of autumn, they have made a giant spiders web for their classroom and there are coloured spiders on it to make a counting game. They have been doing conker threading and their discovery tray has been full of leaves acorns and big logs for them to look at through our magnifying glasses, cotton bud trees and fairies made of leaves.
They have also been looking at the differences between food and food tasting to find out their favourite food and have done a map with their favourite things to do with their families, their favourite books, music and making fruit smoothies with their favourite fruits.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK