Hello March at Happy Bunnies!
Pre-school children will be talking about special times in their lives. We will be talking about what makes us unique and how things change over time. We will be playing small world games and of course, computer games won’t be missing either.

Babies will be developing socially, emotionally and personally this week. Babies will be looking for their body parts and we will play games to help them to learn how to name them. We will be playing in the home corner too and we hope that babies will learn how their voices and actions might effect others. We will be working hard on sharing too. Babies will also be playing with play dough, dinosaurs in the soil and of course musical instruments.

Jungle room is looking at each child individually this week. Among others, they will be looking at their personal, social and emotional development. Toddlers will be encouraged to learn to be more independent and do small tasks for themselves such as pour a drink at snack time or even prepare their own snack. We will be encouraging children to play with their key worker but with other as well. We will be helping toddlers to share their experiences with others. We have lots of fun activities set up, we will be building indoors and outdoors. Children will also have an opportunity to plant some cress seeds too.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK