Our pretend (roll play) corner has turned into a Vet surgery. We planned a visit to the PDSA animal hospital for Friday, so we are now learning about pets and how we care for them. Children are bringing in pictures of their pets and we are now chatting about how we look after different types of pets, what they like and what they don't like.

We had a parrot cockatiel come in yesterday, today we had caterpillars and two of them have turned into cocoons. We will be watching them every day to see when they turn into butterflies.

We were hand printing some fish – and stuck some googly eyes onto them. Or just had fund exploring free style mark making.

We are practicing out graduation songs and cool dancing for our Fete performance this Saturday.

Jungle Room is still having lots of fun with our Jungle theme. We continued to read the ever favorite Monkey Puzzle book. Toddlers love the repetition of the story, and they are also learning repeating refrains.


We also had lots of fun making monkey's and elephants in our junk modeling / art corner. Doing so, we not only had fun but we were also learning about safe tool handling, we learned how to cut and use scissors, use a sticky tape dispenser, paint and paint brushes and glue.

We have a new water tray and we could not get the kids part with it as it was so much fun.

We were also building this magnificent garage and road toy construction that was donated to us by a very kind parent.

George our Jungle Monkey mascot has had his first home visit. Children earn the right to take him home through positive behavior during the week. We encouraged our parents to look at our Jungle photo folder that is outside the room and follows George's journey. Next week will will be moving onto Sea World theme. Please bring anything exciting in that we can use for show and tell and circle time.

Baby Room


Babies are totally mesmerized by our massive cardboard box, we can not get them out of it. We have soft play shapes and they have to negotiate some steps and obstacles in order to get into the box. Once they reach their target, we can't get them out, they love it so much.

Babies were also ice painting today, we had fun making animal noises. We continued to play with coloured rise as babies loved filling and pouring activities and sounds it makes. We also extended their learning by making musical shakers. We will use them during our singing and music time when all the glue dries and they will be safe to use. We were encouraging babies to follow simple instructions – we played hide and seek with animals and babies were asked to find different animals they recognize.

Babies were also developing their self care by pretending to bath babies / dollies in bubble bath. We got messy with shaving foam and some children built very tall towers from our wooden blocks.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK