Helping Your Child Adjust to Nursery School: Tips for Parents

Nursery School

Starting nursery school is an exciting milestone for young children, but it can also be a challenging time of transition for both parents and children. As a parent, it’s natural to want to help your child adjust to their new environment and routines, but knowing where to start can be difficult. This blog post will provide helpful tips and strategies for parents to support their child’s transition to nursery school. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have been through this before, these tips will help you navigate the challenges of this exciting new phase in your child’s life.

Creating a Positive Attitude Towards Nursery School

Creating a positive attitude towards nursery school is essential for helping your child adjust to this new and exciting phase of their life. A positive attitude means developing a mindset that sees nursery school as an opportunity for growth and learning rather than as a source of anxiety or fear. Here are some tips to help you create a positive attitude towards nursery school in your child:

  • Involve your child in preparing for nursery school, such as shopping for school supplies, picking out a backpack or lunchbox, or visiting the school ahead of time. This can help your child feel more invested in the process and excited about starting.
  • There are many books and videos available that can help your child understand what nursery school is like and what to expect. These resources can help your child feel more comfortable with the idea of starting nursery school.
  • Use positive language when talking about nursery school with your child. Talk about the fun things they will get to do, the new friends they will make, and the things they will learn. Avoid using negative language or talking about your own negative experiences with the school.
  • Establish a routine for your child, including a consistent bedtime and morning routine. This can help your child feel more secure and prepared for nursery school each day.
  • Encourage your child to be independent, such as letting them pick out their clothes or helping to pack their lunch. This can help your child feel more confident and prepared for nursery school.

By creating a positive attitude towards nursery school, you can help your child adjust to this new phase of their life with confidence and excitement.

Establishing a Routine for Your Child to Adjust to Nursery School


Establishing a routine is important in helping your child adjust to nursery school. A consistent pattern can help your child feel more secure and prepared for each day, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some tips for establishing a routine for your child to adjust to nursery school:

  • Try to establish a regular sleep schedule for your child, including regular waking and sleeping times.
  • Establish regular meal and snack times throughout the day.
  • Develop a regular morning routine that includes time for breakfast, getting dressed, and packing their backpack.
  • Create a consistent routine for dropping off and picking up your child from nursery school.
  • Make sure to build in time for play and relaxation each day.

Establishing a routine for your child to adjust to nursery school can help your child feel more secure and prepared for each day. Remember to be patient and understanding as your child adjusts to this new phase of their life.

Strategies for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Nursery School Children

Nursery School

Separation anxiety is a common issue for many children starting nursery school. It can be difficult for parents and children, but some strategies can help ease the transition. Talk about nursery school: Talk to your child about nursery school ahead of time, and help them understand what to expect. Explain how much fun it will be, and encourage them to look forward to all the new experiences they’ll have.

Try practising separation ahead of time. Start with short periods of separation and gradually increase the time. This can help your child get used to being away from you. Develop a goodbye routine that you follow each day when dropping off your child. This can help your child feel more secure and gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day.

When dropping off your child, keep it short and sweet. A quick hug, kiss, and positive goodbye can help your child feel more confident and secure. Consider staying in touch with your child throughout the day. Many nursery schools have a system for sending updates or pictures throughout the day, which can help ease your child’s anxiety.

Talk to your child’s teacher about their separation anxiety. They may have strategies or techniques that have worked for other children.

The first days of school are the hardest

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Nursery School

Parental involvement in nursery school helps build strong relationships between parents, children, and teachers. This creates a supportive network for children to thrive in and makes them feel secure and loved. Parental involvement in nursery school can also support children’s social and emotional development. It allows parents to model positive behaviour and communication skills and helps children feel more confident and comfortable in social situations.

Parents involved in their children’s education can help support their learning and academic success. This can include activities like reading with your child at home, helping with homework, or attending parent-teacher conferences. When parents are involved in nursery school, children are more likely to be actively engaged in their education. They are more likely to participate in classroom activities, ask questions, and be interested in learning.

Regular communication between parents and teachers can help identify any issues or concerns in nursery school. This allows for early intervention and can help prevent problems from becoming more serious. Parental involvement in nursery school can also help build a sense of community among families. This can create opportunities for parents to meet and support one another, which can be especially helpful for new parents.

Helping Your Child Cope with Stress and Overwhelm in Nursery School

First and foremost, it’s important to validate your child’s feelings of stress and overwhelm. Let them know that it’s normal to feel this way and that you understand their feelings. Create a safe and supportive space for your child to express their emotions. This can involve listening to them without judgment and helping them find ways to express themselves through play, art, or other creative activities.

Teach your child self-care strategies such as taking deep breaths, going for a walk, or taking a break when feeling overwhelmed. Encourage them to care for themselves by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and staying active. Practice mindfulness exercises with your child, such as breathing, yoga, or meditation. These techniques can help your child learn to manage their emotions and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Help your child build resilience by teaching them problem-solving skills, coping strategies, and positive self-talk. Encourage them to try new things, and let them know it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Talk to your child’s teacher about any concerns you may have regarding their stress levels. They can provide additional support or resources to help your child cope with their emotions.


Adjusting to nursery school can be challenging for parents and children, but with the right tools and strategies, it can also be an exciting and rewarding experience. By establishing a routine, building a positive attitude towards nursery school, and fostering a sense of independence and resilience in your child, you can help them thrive in their new environment. Remember to communicate openly with your child’s teacher, stay involved in their education, and provide plenty of love and support. With these tips and strategies, you can help your child adjust to nursery school with confidence and ease, setting them up for success both in school and in life.

Happy Bunnies Nursery’s experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your children. If your child has any nursery school problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

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