Tis the season to be jolly and joyful, I am sure that all the parents are fully aware of Christmas coming, with the excited children and the empty bank accounts. Judging by all the good children at Happy Bunnies Santa will be busy this year.

The children in preschool have been taking their letters to the post box and sending them. Fingers crossed that Santa will be bringing the letters with him on party day when he comes to see us all. So if you haven’t brought back the letter this is last call. We really don’t want to miss anyone out this year. (I’m sure the elves will make sure all the children have letters, they may need to call Mummies and Daddies if they have been missed off)

So lots happening over the next few weeks, the Christmas dinner is next Thursday, the 11th if you haven't paid please do we don't want someone missing out on dinner if they want it.

Then it party day on the 17th so for the older children they will be singing their carols which starts at 1pm and having a party and the babies will be having a party as well at 2pm. Then Ho Ho Ho Santa will be coming about 3pm.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK