This week in jungle room we have changed our planning slightly, we are doing child led planning which means that we focus on the areas within our room and what the children enjoy most within those areas. This is done by observing them, then planning activities to extend them. Our favourite areas this week are small world and messy play, so we have been extending the activities. To introduce mark making we have been using the cars as tools to mark with, using thinking language by counting then looking at colours and finally bringing the personal social into the activities by introducing animals and people to have discussions about families. In jungle room we have particularly enjoyed messy play were it got very messy and you don’t even want to know about that one. 😉
This week in preschool we have had the parents in to spend time with their children, to take part in workshops and have informal chats with the key worker. In these workshops we have been planting seeds and doing vegetable painting all different shapes this was really good for the children to talk about the printing and they can taken them home with them as well. Our favourite area this week in preschool is the small world we have been talking about all the different cars and trains and making real life connections where they have seen them before.
Out in the garden because the sun is shining we have been looking at balancing and how fast we can run in-between different obstacles and just enjoying the sunshine.
In babies this week we have also looked at baby lead play, our popular areas are the music area so we are supporting the babies to join in with the actions and use the shakers. The other area is the book corner where we are encouraging the babies to learn new words.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK