How Much Does Nursery Cost? A Price Guide

Nursery Cost

It’s not easy juggling small children and a full-time job. After all, becoming a mother is a full-time work!

That’s why putting your children in daycare can be a lifesaver. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your children are being well cared for while you work.

However, one concern that often arises in the minds of parents is how much daycare would cost. If you want to hear more about how much you can expect to pay for daycare, that’s fantastic! Let’s take a look at how much daycare costs on average.

How Much is Daycare: Average Fees

The cost of sending your children to nursery varies depending on where you live.

If you live in the city or the suburbs, the cost of living and the demand for daycare in your area will all have an impact on the price. The cost of your childcare program is also affected by your child’s age and schedule. 

In most places, you’ll have to pay extra if you’re sending a younger child to daycare. This is because older children do not need as much one-on-one or hands-on treatment as younger children.

Furthermore, younger children necessitate more teachers in the classroom to comply with UK government regulations (EYFS). This necessitates an increase in childcare fees to offset the extra expenses incurred by teachers.

Another aspect that affects daycare costs is whether or not the nursery facility offers field trips or other enrichment programs. Some centres will include these additional fees with their daycare fees, while others will charge an additional fee.

Fees and Costs for Additional Daycare

It’s important to remember that your nursery expenses will not be limited to your school tuition. It will also contain any added costs or fees that you might be required to pay. 

Food and snacks are an example of extra fees. Some daycares provide this in their fees, while others require parents to either pay for provided meals or bring their child’s lunch.

(At Happy Bunnies Gillingham, we offer Zebeddees nutritious meals.)

Field trips or extracurricular activity fees are another type of charge that you might see at a nursery. If you are willing to spend a little extra, you can also enrol your child in dance, karate, or other enriching events as part of the curriculum.

Nurseries with supply fees and at-home internet facilities are also popular features that enable parents to pay a small charge. Check with your centers to see if these features are available.

Summing Up Nursery Costs

Nursery expenses can be complicated, with many add-ons and additional fees. You’ll be able to quickly pick a better daycare program if you’re prepared for what could cost extra and what won’t.

Happy Bunnies is the place to go if you’re looking for a dependable Gillingham nursery. Book a visit, or give us a call, and we’ll help you enrol your kids!

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