Time has flown by and its been over 6 months since our last Ofsted inspection. Each year we look at the setting and make action plans to sustain the practice and improve on what we already have.

It is time to write the Self Evaluation Form just in case we get another inspection in the future even though we aren't due until after September 2016 at the earliest and because of the Good result last time may even be as late as 2021. Here at Happy Bunnies we always like to be prepared for the unexpected.

So part of the Self evaluation process requires us to get feed back from parents. We do a questionnaire every year but we can't help but think we could do more in this area. So we are enlisting the Web and social media to get feedback from parents and carers.

If you like what we do give us a star rating on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/happybunniesnursery

If you want us to improve something please let us know and we will include it as part of our plans for improvements over the next year and part of the Self Evaluation Form.



Nursery School Gillingham, UK