We have been working as a combined unit for some time now and its time to perfect it a little more. Over the past week we have been trialling the new system where you keep your keyworker for the whole time your child is at the setting. Well its been working really well at the moment. The children are really enjoying working in groups where they have their friends from the same age group. We used to use key groups but these can be so varied in ages and found that sometimes the older ones would help with the younger ones, which is great but what about them. They needed their special learning time. Since the change to age groups its been fantastic all the children seem to be more engaged in what they are learning.

We are extremely proud of the girls and how they have adapted so well to the change, and the children well no need to say anymore than they are fantastic as always.


So thank you everyone for putting everything together and making it work.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK