Last week in babies room, we explored farm and zoo animals and the noises they make. They also looked at different textures on the farm such as hay grass and water.
Next week, the babies are learning about trees and leaves.
The children have been on a walk in the garden to find different leaves for their autumn display.

In jungle room, the children explored musical instruments and dancing. They also enjoyed dressing up.
This week they are getting to know each other better. They have spoken about how old they are and what they enjoy doing. They have also pretended to be hair dressers.

The pre school children enjoyed their last week with friends before they all head off to school. They enjoyed games together and puzzles.
They are zooming into September exploring transportation. We have created a display board and are keeping a watch out for planes flying over head at garden time.

See you next week!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK