imagesMany of us went on holiday this Summer. Certainly, our Sevenoaks children travelled all over the world. Some of the children even flew for the very first time in their life! We knew these experiences would be still resonating in their little heads so we decided to spend couple of weeks and maybe this term to talk about holidays, different countries and many means of travel. We even had one little boy at our Shipbourne nursery who brought his very ownaeroplane into the setting. He made it with his daddy at home! He was so proud of it. Mrs Hakki and Mrs I had a great time creating our Shipbourne aeroplane from chairs, children were packing their suitcases and played with real passports. (for those that wonder, they all expired). I hope the identity and passport office is not tooscandalisedby this. 🙂

Nursery School Gillingham, UK