Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Castle Room – Pre-School

Pre-school turned into little scientists today. We experimented with water and shaving foam, we were dropping small objects through the shaving foam and watched how the oily foam mixed with water, creating rainbows. This activity was so popular that we will have to do it few more times so all children can have a go to the fullest of their hearts desire. I am also told that we will have several scientific activities ready for our children so we can answer lots of “how” and “why” questions.

We also did some cool dancing with multi colored ribbons, this was mostly popular with the girls. Children were also cutting and sticking animals, and not only they had to cut and stick but they also had to decide which animal lives in the sky, land and water.

We continued to talk about our feelings, when we feel sad, happy, bored, excited…. Children used mirrors to make faces that would describe different feelings.

We also had some aroma therapy (fruity) water to play with. Kids played with water that was lemon scented in the morning and by the afternoon, we changed the water to smell like orange.

In the afternoon, we pulled our handy – tool set where children use hammers and nails to nail shapes to a cork board. We did watch them closely while doing that – guess what, they were all so careful. I don't think anybody hammered their little fingers during this activity.

Jungle Room – Toddlers

Toddlers were singing songs and played music today using our musical instruments.

Since it rained a bit, toddlers did a lot of play in the puddle today. They enjoyed jumping in the puddle like Peppa Pig, they also made foot prints which was lots of fun too.

They had a tray full of lavender water and bubbles today, they loved blowing bubbles. We had several balloons in the room too so it was all very airy today.

We read several good stories today, toddlers enjoy a good story in small groups. They were turning the pages themselves when the time came to move the story along.

We also had flour tray in the room today, kids love making trucks and marks in the flour. Later we added some water to make some sticky gloop. It was so much fun to turn dry flour into a sticky messy gloop.


Babies were playing in the sand today. We hid some toys in the sand and they were all trying to find the little treasures. We also have our baby slide in the sand and babies loved climbing up and sliding down.

We were also building towers today. Who can make the tallest tower. We had great fun knocking them down and building them up again.

Babies were getting messy with the paint and shaving foam, they were adding colours watching it all melt into funky shapes and patterns…

Nursery School Gillingham, UK