Magnetic Hunt!

Magnetic Hunt

Children had quite a day today. Not only they came to our nursery dressed in spotty pyjamas, got to play with staff dressed in spotty pyjamas, they also got to go on a magnetic hunt through out the nursery.

It all started when two of the boys decided to go through our “science treasure box”. They found two large magnets and when they got stuck together, they tried to separate the magnets by pulling them apart. Of course, they managed and landed on their back sides. They thought it was hilarious.

Suddenly, other children started to show widespread interest in what they could stick to the magnets. Children tried toys, metal items , they talked about things being metal or not and then they went to the drawers to see which cutlery items stuck to the magnets.

Next they went to the baby room for the camera and they found out that the kitchen door handles were magnetic. Then they went down the hall and found out the fire exit handle and the under stairs cupboard keys were magnetic but not the door handles. Then the kids came up with a game of picking up items from the floor using magnets.

They were occupied for so long we had to abandon some of the activities we planned for them. It was worth it though especially when they discussed the possibility of our Jayne being magnetic. There was so much argument about it that they had to go and try it out for themselves. 🙂

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