This week in preschool we are having messy play, we are making sludge, slime, gloop and we have been mixing different colours of rice together. We have started to decorate our room ready to make it under the sea with a jelly fish, star fish and a dolphin hanging from the ceiling then we will then be making a tortoise and a shark for the room. This week in Jungle room we have really started to look at how we interpret things, so if we ask them to get their shoes they can, when we tell stories they know what the story is about and they know what the pictures mean. We will also put this against numbers to say how many objects they have to count. This will be done by doing really simple activities like looking at how many oranges we have or how many plates or spoons we have. We are also looking at matching colours. With our new buddy system we have done a new butterfly display, this has our children’s faces on each side of the wings which represent each key-worker and its coming along nicely. This week in baby room we will be exploring and handling different objects we have at home, we will be encouraging the babies to listen out for noises we hear day to day inside and outside. We will get lots of animals out and look at the different noises that they make.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK