I don't know about you but I a feeling a little concerned at the state of the situation out there at the moment. Every time I look at the news something else is happening and to be frank it scares me, so this got me thinking about the effect its having on my children and all the children in the setting. There are as with everything that consumes my life at the moment 2 approaches Mummy approach and the Manager approach.

I am going to take the Manager approach first. This is to be prepared for everything, risk assess, plan, train and open communication where possible.

OMG right!!!!!

I know this is really heavy for this weeks blog but I feel that parents and carers deserve to know what we would do as a setting to prevent and protect anything happening to your children.

Mummy's Turn:

So this all sound very impressive about what you would do in which situation but I don't even want my children knowing about it all. At home we don't talk about it we don't watch the news in front of the children and we discourage others from talking about it to my children. When i was younger we had lots of bombings and war going on (I'm not old enough to know WW2) but we just wasn't effected because we didn't know. So I will protect my children from knowing.

Manager: I understand you want to protect your children from the impact of the outside world, we don't talk about it at the setting around the children and all drills are done discretely and always labelled as fire drills. This means that we can practice them without scaring the children. We aren't here to teach your children about the events that are happening but to protect them. How consider that children are resilient and they take in a lot more than we give them credit for. I have been reading up on the effects of War on children and looking at the media impact on them its worth a read : https://www.warchild.org.uk/issues/effects-war-children Children seeing others hurt and not understanding why and what’s happening could lead them to believe it may happen to them. That’s what we want to protect them from the belief that we cannot protect them in scary situations. We want them to believe us when we say we got this your safe.

Mummy: How can I leave my child when you even have to think about having to do this?

Manager: As with everything that we do in nurseries its about making sure they are safe removing the risks or reducing them. In situation we cannot control its about being proactive rather than reactive. Once the situation has got to the critical point where we may need to use any of the above I want to say I was ready for them not I didn't know what I was doing.

Mummy: So my 4 year old has been talking about this with his friends ad now he won't separate from me in the morning, I am already worried about it all how can I help him.

Manager: Remember that we are dealing with children who are still developing their feelings and understanding of the world, we need to support them and have open communication with them. Not like you would with an adult necessary but look at saying things like “Mummy understands that you are worried about what you have heard, and she would never leave you where she didn’t trust.” {key workers name} is a really important person in your child's life as well so get them to support you as you have the conversation. “{key worker} is going to be here whilst Mummy goes to work she will make sure that you have a lovely time at nursery and when Mummy comes back I will make sure that we are all safe together” It doesn't really matter what you say as long as you don't dismiss their feelings as they are still developing them. Children as young as 2 start understanding the effect they have on others so they will be effected by others.

Mummy: Can I call you throughout the day?

Manager: We would love to hear from you, Its hard leaving when your little one is being upset but remember we are here for you as much as the children.

Throughout the blog we have looked at what we would do as a nursery and how we would prepare, prevent and support the children and the parents through what was happening in the media. We can't prevent them from putting it out there was can choose to keep it from our children or we can choose to prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario. Whatever you choose your not wrong its all about choice.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK