Monday Blues I don’t think so!!

Well today was the first day back for many children and we have really missed them. We have had cuddles and laughter and lots of fun today as we are reunited to our friends.

Best thing of all was there was no tears for the new children and we really hope they have enjoyed their first day and made lots of friends.

We do have something to be a little sad about, all the children who start school have left us now but we know that they will love their new teachers and friends at big school.

So what have we been doing at happy bunnies today? Well in babies we have been exploring Duplo and Lego pieces, singing monkeys swinging in the tree and having lots of cuddles and close time with our key workers. On a Monday we are quiet so we do lots of one to one attention in the baby room as we like that time. In jungle room we have been making deals, shaking hands and making plans. (Most of the time it doesn’t work) Kerri has been teaching us all about shaking hands when you make a deal, we all made a deal to tidy up but it didn’t really happen. In Preschool we have been looking at our reflections and drawing the pictures. Some of us made funny faces and drew them it was so funny.


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