6853449334 2476e08f86Today at Happy Bunnies we have been playing away, as always we have been working really hard and making great friendships. In preschool today we have really enjoyed being in the sand pit. Pretending like we are on holiday but where is all our sun?

We are having a messy month this month and it all started this morning with gloop, some of us were covered lucky it just rubs off. We have lots of different messy things planned so I wouldn't put us in our best clothes.

In Jungle room we have been colouring and drawing today and generally just having a great time. We like to put on some music and dance the day away.

Babies have been looking at their mark making again this morning and have had different types of materials to mark with we have had chalk, peens, crayons and paint brushes today. Got some budding artist in there.

All the children have been outside today but we really enjoyed feeding the guinea pigs grass, Dora and Peppa really munched that grass. Yum Yum.

It been a really fun day today more to come tomorrow.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK