We have been so busy today in preschool, first day of our parents workshop this term. Secret telling smile

We have been going printing mad potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. We have been printing all sorts dinosaurs, shapes and flowers very exciting. Making flower pots and lots of fun art things that our Mummies and Daddies have been able to do with us.Laughing out loud

Role play is our game of the day we have been pretending that we are in a doctors surgery, very appropriate as some of the children have been off today with chicken pox. Sad smile

In jungle room today we have been looking a patterns, we got very messy this morning with cars and trains in the paint which we loved. Then we went outside and hunted for worms which will go really well when we look at our mini beast, most of all we just like the mud. When we were having our free flow we had time to play in the sand but we got the sand all wet this was so cool and we got to make marks in the sand do writing in it. We are so busy in Jungle room that we have also done mark making with 2 pens!!!!! because we are so clever and the ladiesLight bulb sellotaped them together so we could do different drawings.Angel

This afternoon we have been with the preschool children having a great time pretending that we are big children to, we have had lots of stories and played with the big toys.   Thumbs up

Babies have done lots and lots as well today, we had the aqua draw out and made lots of beautiful pictures for the ladies. Some of us wanted to play with the animals so the ladies got them out as well it was very busy with lots of things out. We really like singing and we do that a lot anyway but today we did lots and lots of singing I think we even learnt some new ones today. As babies we have been looking at them building small towers from blocks so we have been practicing this a lot today as well.Smile

Nursery School Gillingham, UK