More Fun on Fridays


Good day everyone.

We have been taking full advantage of the beautiful sun that has been out this afternoon, the children asked if they could wash their house today apparently it was very dirty. Well haven’t they done a great job.

Still having a great time with our free flow the children have been continuing with the dinosaur project / play. The children are really being imaginative with them some of the noises they make apparently are really loud as I have had the pleasure of finding out.


The girls spend a lot of time with the children planning what they want their scene to look like and then Kerri Anne makes sure that it happens. Yesterday started as a beach scene then they wanted it under water and it was good to see them guiding the learning.


We often forget to include all the wonderful things that the babies do, so we thought we would include pictures of what they have done today for all the baby room parents to see.

Brumm Brumm Beep Beep


We have been creative today come in and see our work its decorating our new room, we are so proud of what we have done we want everyone to see.

Growing Preschool This week, we have been learning about flowers and growing. The children have enjoyed discovering what plants need to grow such as water and

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Easter Crafts

This week we have been exploring spring and Easter. We have been making and creating lots of different Easter crafts for our families and especially

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Move More Month This week in babies, we will be finding ways to move various parts of the body we will be using soft play to crawl

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Picnic Time

Hi, This week in Jungle Room, we’re having a picnic tea. The children have helped prepare and have spoken about each of the different things

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Pancake Day

Pancake Day The jungle room children really enjoyed pancake day. We had a tuff spot set up for the children to pretend to make their

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Playing With Loose Parts In jungle room, we have lots of loose parts available for the children to explore. They use these throughout their play and as they

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