DSCF7006 thumbWhere have you gone? We have had such a sunny weekend and now you have gone away. This meant that we had to play inside all day today and we do love it outside.

In babies we have been really busy though, we don’t let a little something like rain dampen our sprit we have been drawing up a storm (ok ill stop with the puns now) We have been aqua doodling, drawing on paper, singing songs (mostly about the rain).

We have been having a smashing tie building towers and knocking them down and getting all sensory with our sensory area.

Mummies and Daddies I think we may sleep well tonight. xxx

In preschool and jungle room we have been practicing our fine motor skills, when we have our snack now the ladies have been teaching us to use tongs so that we can be sure not go get any germs in our bellies, we are really good at it so we decided to see if we could make it into a game and have matching colours with pasta using the tongs. (watch out next time we may want chopsticks for our dinner)

Lots of fun going on with a concentrations on getting ready for school with following instructions. One of the ladies was playing Simon said with us it was so fun and we listened really well.

Here is a listen as long as your arm what we did today more to come tomorrow.

Making play dough cakes

Band role play with musical instruments

Sinking and floating


So much had happened today who needs the sun?

Nursery School Gillingham, UK