There’s nothing quiet like a bit of mud.

Today when we were in the garden a man came with a big truck and it had a great big arm on it, we did not know what he was here for so we stood and watched him as he parked his truck.

To our amazement he got out of the truck and started to move the arm, we were so surprised it was bigger than anything we have seen at nursery before, well he just hooked a great big bag up on the arm and lifted it high in the sky. Then we all had to move backwards because he lifted the bag into the garden and put it on the floor. WOW

When he finished the arm moved back we watched him press his buttons to put the arm back and drive away. It was something a little different for us. The ladies told us that sometime when things are really heavy we need machines to help us and the mud in the bag was super heavy. We went over and looked at the bag WOW that was a lot of mud (ladies didn't want us to touch it but we did and it was really heavy.) Now we can really get cooking in our mud kitchen with our veggies we grew in our patch.

Truck With Straight Crane

It looked like this but we didn't get a chance to take a real picture because he was so fast, Sad smile Maybe next timeSmile

Nursery School Gillingham, UK