Music And Dancing

Hi everyone. I am Margaret and I just wanted to tell you some of the exciting things we have planned this week.
Our babies will be experimenting with coloured ice cubes and making marks with the toy cars by doing wheel painting. Making yummy iced biscuits and exploring with diggers in the sand.
Jungle room are following our children’s interest in the music and dancing of jungle book. They will be doing jungle yoga, which I am sure they will be happy to teach you. They will be developing their sensory skills using cornflour gloop to have some swamp fun in their pretend jungle.
And pre-school will be learning about the number 8, reading the book dear bear, and talking about their emotions. Looking for and naming things beginning with the letter “N” including their friends and families names and school leavers will be looking at pictures of their new schools and uniforms following on from our guest speaker who was able to answer the children’s questions about school from a child’s point of view.
Thank you for listening.
Looking forward to seeing you again next week when we will have more exciting activities for you.

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