Mystery Egg

Mystery egg

So I need to write another blog today as we had a mystery egg arrive to our setting today.

One of our wonderful children brought an egg in today and it was a very mysterious egg indeed. It was smaller than normal chicken egg but bigger than some quail egg. She found the egg in her garden today so as we have a pet week, we decided to investigate.

First we looked at the egg and noticed that it was perfectly white, no spots or colouring of any kind. then we shined a light to see if there was a little bird inside. We could not see any. We took a ruler and measured the egg to see how long it was. Once we collected all the data, we talked about different birds that live in our neighbourhood. We have I-Pads in our Pre-School room so we opened an internet browser and started searching for different birds that live in Kent, and eggs they lay. children spent a considerable time comparing our mystery egg with the images. We went through all the possibilities and improbabilities and we decided that the mystery egg must came from momma woodland pigeon or maybe momma dove. I wonder if there are more eggs where this one come from.

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