New Academic Year – So much to do…



This week we have been welcoming our new friends and helping them to settle in. We have been exploring our environment with all our senses and feeling bags full of oats, squidgy washing up liquid, glupe and shaving foam. These were stuck to the window next to our walking bar to encourage the babies to pull themselves up and stand. Our older babies seem to have grown up all of a sudden and instead of hearing babbling when I walk in now I can hear words and my name called up the stairs when I walk past and instead of crawling they are running over to me and its lovely to witness the progression. Soft play has been popular in their room again as has shredded paper and the ball pool where their favourite game seems to be lets throw all the balls into the corridor and wait for someone to give them back, where one of the other babies saw the ball pool and dived right in.

Some of our babies have moved up a room and are enjoying exploring a new environment and getting very messy.


April 060

In Jungle this week they have also been welcoming new friends, some from baby room which they already know and others that they don't. The sign of the week has been ‘finished' so if your children start making funny gestures at you its our fault. If you would like to find out about each sign of the week please ask Richard as we all learning the same signs at the same time.

To get to know themselves and each other more they were given a paper plate and a mirror to paint their own portraits and measured each other to see how tall everybody is which is being made into individual displays. They have also been learning their body parts from posters and books .However the best activity of the week in my opinion was the feet painting. Watching the children stare at their feet wrapped in bubble wrap and watching them walk in the paint and then on the paper was priceless as was the sensory experience. Not to mention the popping as they walked on the bubble wrap although we had a few bottom prints as well as a few decided to sit down in it!



Castle room have also been settling new children and drawing themselves using a mirror . They have also turned the home corner into a very cosy sitting room with a pretend log fire and the children have been using it as a communal area to sit and relax in.

We have also been kindly donated a large African snail which you may have seen in castle room and the children are in the process of naming it ,they have each said a name of their choice and the name will be picked next week. I have heard one of the suggestions for a name was' turbo' which gets my vote!

They have also been playing body part bingo which they all love and have been experimenting making different types of playdough and putting strange things in the water play which you may have seen like tea leaves and basil.

Also it is my great pleasure to announce our Ofsted report has been published and we received a very strong good across the board. If you would like to read it yourselves the link is and put in our addresss or you can ask us for a copy.

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