Happy Bunnies Nursery Gillingham

Jenni and Claire tore into my office today huffing and puffing about all the things they will do this year! They said: “Leave it to us Magdalena, we will turn this nursery into an amazing nursery”. I thought for half a second and said: “What do you mean? We already are an amazing nursery!”

And they said: “Yes, yes, of course we are but imagine if we created lots of knew sensory corners. And we want to rebuild our garden and involve parents doing so. At that, Steph poked her nose into my office and said: “Has anyone mentioned garden and improvements?” She said I am working on a presentation that I will show you all and it is all about fun games outside” Can we show our parents by publishing it on the internet?

And then I thought, OK, anything else you want to do? And Jenni said, well yes, I already sent out questioners to parents and when they come back, we will have many more ideas. Are you excited? At that point I thought: Well yes, I am can I have an idea too? I would love to introduce individual treasure boxes for children so they can store their treasures there that they bring from home and when they have a “I miss my mummy” moment, they can look into their box and cheer themselves up. I was sworn to write about all the ideas to let you parents know what my crazy lot is planning!

Everything will be published in our newsletter and of course my blog. Watch the space and please let us know what you think!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK