Nursery Cost Gillingham, Medway

Flexible And No Hidden Fees

We provide straightforward details about everything at Happy Bunnies Nursery. As a result, our charges are clearly stated, and no fees are hidden.

Childcare is one of the most important investments parents can make for their children, and it comes with so many advantages.

Our nursery offers outstanding childcare. However, we firmly believe that high-quality facilities should not be prohibitively expensive. At Happy Bunnies, we strive to make excellent childcare a right, not a privilege.

Nursery Cost Gillingham

Free Government-Funded Childcare

Working parent? Claim 30 hours of grant funding with Happy Bunnies now!

Free Government-Funded Childcare
You can access 30 hours grant funding if your child is 3 years and older and you are a working parent. In order to qualify, you need to check your eligibility on this website.

You will receive a reference number that we need to access funding on your behalf.

Not currently working? You can still claim 15 hours of grant funding with Happy Bunnies Now

if your child is over 3, you can claim 15 hours free care at Happy Bunnies Gillingham from next term onwards, regardless of your current working status.

Don’t delay – you do need to act fast as the funding allocation is set at the start of each term.

Children are eligible for the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) in line with the Department for Education table below:

Children eligible for the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) can start their free hours as shown the Department for Education table below:
Child Born On or BetweenBecomes Eligible From
1st April & 31 August
Start of term 1
September following their 3rd birthday
1st September & 31 December
Start of term 3
January following their 3rd birthday
1st September & 31 December
Start of term 5
April following their 3rd birthday

How Much Does Nursery Cost Gillingham?

Nursery and Childcare services across Gillingham and Kent have a wide range of rates and fees. While others schools may be offering higher rates, here you’ll find childcare prices that are affordable and reasonable. And yet, the quality of care remains excellent – and personal, as you only get from a family-owned school.

What is Included?

Our fees are inclusive of all drinks and snacks except for midday meal (see the section below on Zebedees Catering for that). 

We are open for 52 weeks a year, closing on Bank Holidays. If your child’s session falls on a Bank Holiday, we still charge for these. However, unlike most other nurseries we do allow swaps for missed bank holidays, subject to availability. 

Our fees do not include any outings, celebrations or entertainment that is in addition to our usual session activities.

Our fees are charged on an average, this is calculated by the number of sessions you do at the price of the session (see below for details), multiplied by 52 weeks and divided by 12 months. 

What If I Want Meals Included?

Zebedees lunches are currently unavailable due to low interest.

When available, all of the dishes are made to order and contain only the highest quality, fresh ingredients. We make sure that all of the menus provide all of the main food groups and fulfill the nutritional needs of developing children.

This works out at £15.17/month, per session attended. Contact us if you would like to add this to your child’s care.

Where Do The Fees Go?

Happy Bunnies Nursery is worth your investment. Parents are investing in the best childcare; therefore, we invest in the only top and exceptional teachers.

Trained Experts

Every classroom has a Level 3 Qualified Teacher to ensure the time your child spends with us will be filled with discovery, stimulation, excitement, and enjoyment.

All of our staff hold a Paediatric First Aid qualification. Happy Bunnies never operates without a qualified first-aider on site.

As a child care centre trained experts audit all our nurseries, equipment, and toys to make regular health and safety inspections. We have a high standard in risk assessment procedure.

Value For Money

The greatest expense in child care is good people. However, while we are offering top and exceptional childcare services, we are still keeping the price affordable.

Would you like to know more about our fees? Click the button below to book a quick meeting with our nursery director, Lesley Dartnell. She’d be happy to answer your questions and concerns.

Choose Morning Session, 8 am – 1 pm

Half Day Nursery Cost Gillingham

2 Days / Week
3 Days / Week
5 Days / Week
0 - 35 months
£390 / month
£585 / month
£975 / month
36+ months
£372.67/ month
£559 / month
£931.67 / month

Choose Afternoon Session, 1 pm – 6 pm

Half Day Nursery Cost Gillingham

2 Days / Week
3 Days / Week
5 Days / Week
0 - 35 months
£364 / month
£546 / month
£910 / month
36+ months
£329.33 / month
£494 / month
£823.33 / month

Or Choose Extended Hours, 8 am – 3 pm

Extended Hours Nursery Cost Gillingham

2 Days / Week
3 Days / Week
5 Days / Week
0 - 35 months
£502.64 / month
£754 / month
£1,256.67 / month
36+ months
£485.33 / month
£728.00 / month
£1,213.33 / month

Or Choose Full-Time Hours, 8 am – 6 pm

Full-Time Hours Nursery Cost Gillingham

2 Days / Week
3 Days / Week
5 Days / Week
0 - 35 months
£624 / month
£936 / month
£1,560 / month
36+ months
£598 / month
£897 / month
£1,495 / month

What Does Daycare Cost Near Me?

This is understandably one of the most common questions you’ll have when researching preschool education for your kids.

Since our rates are competitive, the prices mentioned above are a good representation of typical preschool costs in the Gillingham area.

One thing to bear in mind if your schedule can vary, we offer flexible session booking for people that work shifts at no cost to you. That’s something very few nurseries can match.

If you live outside Gillingham (even within Medway), rates can vary significantly, so contact a nearby nursery for more details. Look for one that has a lot of positive feedback on social media, as this will give you a better idea – it’s pointless to look up the cost of basic daycare when you need quality preschool prices.

Assessing the Cost of Child Care in Medway and Kent

Social Interration, Structure and Learning for Them

Nursery Cost GillinghamPreschool is a major financial commitment. Childcare expenses can sometimes equal one parent’s income in the early years.

When looking at the actual rates you’ll pay, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one thing, while it’s wonderful for small children to spend time with their parents, it’s also important that they learn and socialize with other infants.

Secondly, children need stability and a combination of educational and social activities. It takes years to develop these services. The right preschool has high rates for a reason: they have excellent preparation and services for your child!0

A Well-Earned Break for You

120998393 10160237625767437 306295523666952236 nAs wonderful as it is to teach children yourself, it is beneficial to both of you to take a break now and then. And if you are a full-time stay-at-home mum, scheduling a few sessions at a good local school not only allows your children to learn and socialize with their peers but also allows you to relax.

We have a few parents who can afford to have their children brought to our school by their private nanny because they recognize the importance of a structured atmosphere and interaction with other children.

When considering nursery cost Gillingham, keep in mind the support you’re providing your children at this critical stage in their lives. They need the structure and instructional preparation that a well-designed preschool curriculum can only provide. Children who attend our schools have a higher chance of succeeding in life.

Looking at Average Nursery Cost Gillingham

Why not come in and talk with our school manager, Lesley? She has many years of experience. She understands and, whatever your situation, her top priority will be finding something that works for you. Click the button below right now to book a slot in her diary.

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