October with Autumn Colours

There is a distinct autumnal feel to the nursery at the moment. This month we have been collecting tins of food for the homeless to celebrate Harvest Festival and the lady from the soup kitchen will be coming to pick up the food and teach the children where it is going and why. The pre-school children learnt a song to go with this about  fruit and vegetables which  was posted on our app.

Baby room have been looking at picture cards this week to extend their vocabulary and learn new words as well as being taught by reading new books. The babies and staff enjoyed getting P1150626 thumbmessy with shaving foam although some babies would only explore with a finger while others wanted to roll around in it! We have pumpkins in every room and babies are using theirs to learn their facial features by placing eyes ,nose, mouth etc on the pumpkin to resemble a face. To extend their fine manipulative skills the babies have also been using chunky chalks to mark make and some of the older babies are practising feeding themselves with support.


Jungle  Room75407575411555328

Jungle room have been using their pumpkins for various activities , they have made a lantern which makes the room look nice and cosy and inviting which the children love. They have also used them to extend hand-eye co-ordination by hammering golf tees into them which they had a lot of fun doing and they made glupe out of the pumpkin flesh and glue which provided a valuable sensory experience and made some great paintings by using spin art with a salad spinner.

Castle Room

Castle room have been practising a monster dance which will be posted on our app tomorrow . They have been making playdoh pictures on placemats and they have made their pumpkin into a house for small world play.887965332403D266E

Last week following the children’s interests they changed their home corner into a castle kitchen and this week they have added coloured water and other ingredients to make pretend potions and the flesh of the pumpkins to make pumpkin soup.

Fishes And Dinos

https://youtu.be/CZG9EQhkHHU This week in Baby room, we are recapping on what we have been do over the last couple of weeks. We’ve been looking at

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Dino Bones

https://youtu.be/21pYgXgbB54 Last week, we did under the sea. The children learnt about the different animals that you can find in the ocean and what makes

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Under The Sea

https://youtu.be/AwGMif6qma0 Last week, we did under the sea. The children learnt about the different animals that you can find in the ocean and what makes

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Dino Week

https://youtu.be/wW0jp1cdgD0 This week in preschool, we have enjoyed dinosaur week. We have been learning about different types of dinosaur and what they eat at group

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Growing Preschool

https://youtu.be/mmFiPSVp1Xw This week, we have been learning about flowers and growing. The children have enjoyed discovering what plants need to grow such as water and

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Easter Crafts

This week we have been exploring spring and Easter. We have been making and creating lots of different Easter crafts for our families and especially

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