Open Day at PDSA!

We concluded our pet week with an amazing visit to the PDSA animal hospital. Both children from Jungle room (toddlers) and Castle room
(pre-schoolers) visited our neighbour PDSA animal hospital. They had an open day today with many fun activities an

d so much to see.

Children had a chance to watch a dog show, with Benji the dog winning the competition. We also took part in the tour of the grounds and premises, we saw some dogs that were sleeping because they just had an operation. We saw a cat x-ray, the poor animal had a broken leg.

We could also go into an operation room ,where we had a chance to “operate” on a staffed doggy. He was filled with shredded paper and the task was for children to locate and pull out lollypops only using tweezers.

The absolute bonus of the day, that we did not expect to get, was an opportunity to sit in a local patrolling police car. Children had an opportunity to sit in the car and also have a chat with the local police man about all the exciting things that he does every day.

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Nursery School Gillingham, UK