Open Day Was a Big Success!

Thank you, thank you to you all who worked with us so hard to make this day happen and run so smoothly. All our staff was coming up with many activities and ideas for our open day. It was so successful that we had 3 children registering on the day which, is our individual best. Weather was great too, not too hot not too cold, lots of sunshine so children stayed outside most of the time…. I would like to say thank you to Sue who stayed late on Friday and came in early on Saturday. Nadia was great too, occupied children while Magdalena and Sue was giving tours of our nursery and chatted to parents. We would also like to say thank you to Hareth Willson who kindly donated his bouncy castle. I don’t need to say how very popular it was with the children. I bet they all slept really well on Saturday night! 🙂

AHS Bouncy Castle Hire

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