Nice to see you all again. Some of the fun things we are learning this week include our babies practising inset puzzles while talking about animal sounds. They will be mark making with paintbrushes in the tuft tray and role playing washing up and putting away in the home corner. They will also be singing and dancing with ribbons and toys.

In Jungle room, our toddlers will be exploring space and reading the aliens love underpants book, one of their favorites. They will be making handprint pictures relating to the story and making a spaceship out of boxes to explore the galaxy with.  They will also be making sparkly space play-doh to use for their modeling. And pre-school will be going to the seaside using out tuft tray to provide a beach for them to play with buckets and spades and they will be discussing what they are doing in the summer holidays and creating pictures of what we might see on the beach .

They will be discussing what clothes we wear in the summer their favourite things about the summer and painting sea shells. And they will also be discussing the Olympics and taking part in a mini olympics themselves . So we are all looking forward to another exciting week here at happy bunnies.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK