We have been really lucky to be sent a blog in from a parent today, thank you for sending it in Claire Cavalli. We welcome ideas and input from all our parents

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Write numbers 1 to 10 on a4 pieces of paper/card. (Ideally how the schools write the numbers, so it carries through to their first year.)
Scatter the numbers on the floor.
Explain the one simple rule to your child/ren – I will say a number and you have to jump on it (or point).

Teaches children numbers 1 to 10.
Helps them recognise the numbers.
If you have more than one child, you tell them to take turns by calling their name first. This instils good behaviour, sharing and being able to understand simple instruction.

It’s fun and it could easily be extended to the alphabet.

My children have enjoyed this game and have asked to play it again.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK