Pipkins Nursery in Gillingham soon to be Happy Bunnies!

avatarYou might have noticed some changes to our website and Facebook page today. This is because we started the process of renaming our Gillingham nursery from Pipkins Nursery to Happy Bunnies.

There will be several steps involved and you’ll receive a news letter telling you all about it. You don’t need to worry as nothing else is changing. The management of the nursery remains the same, the way we do things remains the same and our logo will remain the same bunny too.

We decided to change the name because we wanted to find a new name that would describe who we are even better than Pipkins Nursery. In Gillingham, we are a special nursery full of happy children. We are a nursery working really hard to become one of the best nurseries in the area. Now we want to become a nursery whose name will tell you exactly what to expect when you come and see us. We want to turn all children in our care into “happy bunnies”.

We have been playing with the idea of doing this for a while – it has not been easy for us to make this step as many people know Pipkins Nurseries and they recognise us by this name. However, we want to move with the times and have a simple name people can relate to.

We hope you like our new name as much as we do.

If that is the case or even if it is not – please don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me. I would really like to know what you think. We can have a chat about it on our Facebook page too…

Thank you,

(Manager / Owner)

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