Activities for Monday 13th March 2017

Pre School Room

Well the story of the day was all about Pirates and their underpants. As you can imagine, this story is quite a popular one with our pre-schoolers, mostly because it is a very silly story. Children love silly stories. Our main aim for the story was not only to read it but also to re-call the way story goes. Almost all the children remembered that the pirates were looking for “golden pants”.

Messy play involved different colored oats, rise and pasta. Kids had a blast trying to spoon it into different containers, tipped it out and spoon it again. Sometimes they used hands, sometimes they used spoons and other utensils.

We were boosting our pre-school fine motor skills with multi colored pegs and boards. We are pleased to announce that most of the children used the pegs with ease. Good job guys! What's more, we witnessed some very good team work when children knocked some of the pegs to the floor and they all worked together helping each other to pick them up.

We were also working on our table manners, several children were encouraged to use folks to eat their dinner. Some prefer to eat with hands, but all had a good go with the good old fork and knife.

There was also a lot of role playing going on, we made sure that while kids played in the home corner, they learned good and kind social interaction and strengthen their friendships. While we were observing and also were helping out, we did our best to encourage independent play.

Jungle Room – Toddlers

Where painting with blocks of ice today. They also played with sand in a big black tray, using tools and brushes and exploring different ways to mark making. This activity was great for making connections between children's movements and marks they were making.

Toddlers were also practicing their math skills by sorting multi colored balls into different boxes.

We were also working on our self help skills learning how to put our coats and shoes on, hot to be nice to each other.

We also listened to some great stories and it wasn't just simple story reading, we used puppets to make the story come to live.

Baby Room

Babies were playing with some animals and we put them all into a tray with sand to make it lots of fun. Babies were encouraged to make different animal sounds.

We also used a very big paper for babies to draw on, helping them to hold chunky chalks and use their entire arms to draw and scribble.

On Monday babies were also dressing up a bit, we helped them to dress up independently.

Singing songs and stories were on the menu today also, we can't have days without singing – babies will never say no to music.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK