Potty Training = Toilet Train

IMG 0158OK, so I am going to talk about toilet and potty training today. I know, it might seem like a trivial thing to talk about and certainly not a subject English ladies and gentlemen want or should talk about. But if you have or had children – small children – then you know that potty training isactuallya big deal and can be a very stressfulaffair.

Out tagline is “Fun Steps in Learning”. Going to the toilet on your own when you are just two is actually a big deal and can be rather scary. So, we put our heads together, came up with lots of ideas how it won’t work and finally,

Jayne had an idea. Lets make a “Toilet Train”, she said. So now, each time children areencouragedto go to the toilet, they go on a train. I think they might even have a little song or a rhyme and instead of saying: “who needs to go to the toilet” we sing a little song and ask children to hop on our toilet train! It works wonders. 🙂

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